02D20: Instantly Busy Weekend

 Saturday - Friday Night O Bar Group

Despite the delays in getting back to Manila, we still went out to O Bar last night and it was a pretty fun night. As much as Saturday shows are "bigger" to some degree, Friday night shows are still great while also a wee bit more relaxed in ways I can't quite explain. Maybe it helps to have the O2Men singers set the tone for the night and their incorporation into the main show adds some interesting variety. And we had a pretty solid group with us for the night to make things fun all around.

This was one of the rare times that I had put a bit of an effort into getting gifts for the performers after a trip. My pasalubong for this run were some interesting chocolates for everyone, although I think I need to bring more next time since I think the treats didn't quite make the rounds. I will try to do better next time around, which is bound to happen again in another 3 or so months. 

For today we have our monthly gaming meet, so we're really pushing ourselves hard today. As this also marks our first 24 hours with our new Garmin watches, it's rather funny how bad our initial data looks like. We've immediately ignored our declared bedtime by staying up all night and promising to stay up all night again today for games. Garmin's "Body Battery" rating is pretty sad at the moment as it's arguing that we should be dead on our feet instead of heading to a game night, but here we are.

It's nice to be back home.