02D21: Battery Draining Weekend

 Sunday - Mythwind

Last night's was pretty awesome and we got through it okay despite the craziness of O Bar the previous night. We didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but we still managed to game all the way until pretty much sunrise, which is our normal. goal. And since we've been trying to start our monthly game nights earlier, we got through a pretty decent number of games overall.

We started things with the lighter dexterity game DroPolter and the quirky roll-and-write game Newsboys. Then we split up into two groups and tackled larger games - these being Prêt-à-Porter and Star Trek: Frontiers. Then given the mix of players, we got to justify bringing out Mythwind in order to continue our campaign as we haven't been able to assemble our group since mid-April. The other table played Splendor: Pokémon and Let's Go! To Japan! as we continued our exploration of the mystical valley. And our final game of the night was Paper Dungeons, which is another roll-and-write game, but this time as a dungeon crawler. 

Looking back at all the games for the night, I didn't actually win any of them except for Mythwind, which doesn't really count as it's a cooperative game. But that's not really an issue in itself as we all had a lot of fun and that's the point of these things. We also got a lot of interesting games to the table, including monster ones like Star Trek: Frontiers, which is really difficult but also oddly fulfilling. 

Should the big move south happen, we're still going to make sure to continue to show up for these monthly sessions even if we'll be farther away. They're still some of our most fulfilling game nights with good friends.

Beyond that, I started my day with a good video call catch-up with the family including a little remote play with the nephews. Then this afternoon we had our first official session for our new World of Dew RPG campaign which is taking a fair bit of inspiration from the Shōgun TV series in terms of tone.

It's nice to be home.