02D31: A Monday Tuesday

Tuesday - Mall Drinks

As we had given up our Monday in the name of local theater, my Tuesday felt like a Monday. A lot of meetings. A lot of paperwork to catch up on. A lot of things are in motion. I keep promising myself that I'll start posting some of my thoughts on LinkedIn or something, but maybe it's all too early to really get into things? I feel like we're just setting things up and getting the wheels to start turning. So maybe there's not much to say just yet? But I'm also very excited about all this as I believe that this will lead to better things for everyone. I think we have the right team for this sort of thing and given enough time, they'll really flourish. 

We just have to get through this transition period, then things should really start to fly. Then I'll make sure to document any wins as they come along and celebrate achievements as they should. All this has me very excited, obviously. It could all fail miserably but then I'd still be happy that we tried.

In other news, as much as I'm terribly behind on my reading goals, I'm trying to make the most of this week by focusing my reading efforts on LGBT-related fiction - apart from my active work-related title. My first one, Best Men, was definitely written with an older audience in mind. It was a lot more rom-com with some hardly PG-13 intimate scenes. My active book is Kamikaze Boys, which is a lot more explicit than expected for what I assumed to be more of a young adult thing. But hey, I'll see where things will go.

I have a ridiculous about of queer novels because they often go for sale for like a dollar. But most of them turn out to be written by women as part of some escapist fantasies, and the quality can be quite mixed. For this week I'm trying to stick to gay male writers as much as possible, just to keep in theme. 

Back to reading.