02D28: Good Times

 Sunday - O Bar Independence Day Show

Last night's Independence Day celebration at O Bar was even more fun than expected plus a very creative show. It wasn't a straightforward Filipino-only line-up of numbers as it is still a drag bar but the mix of numbers made for a very interesting night. More people need to appreciate the effort that O Bar invests in unique holiday shows like this, but I suppose others really just want to go out of town during a long weekend.

Today we got to watch the Repertory Philippines staging of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. I don't typically go for the opening weekend of any show to give the actors time to really get into the groove of things. And while there were a few rough edges here and there, the show as a whole was great. We had a good crowd and we al laughed at the jokes together, which just made things even more fun. 

Tobie and I were discussing the show over dinner and I think we're in agreement that Hey There, Single Guy/Girl as sung by the parents was probably our favorite number. There's a lot to love about the production and we really enjoyed the set design - except for the minor challenge of the scene titles appearing at the very top of the theater. We had actually missed these titles for the first few scenes and only caught up much later.

I got to bring Tobie to Baristart for after-dinner coffee and I think this place is really growing on me. It's rather expensive for just coffee, but it is still rather good coffee. I wouldn't go there for dinner (mainly because of me trying to stay low carb), but the coffee is worth the occasional trip. It's the first time that anything claiming to use Hokkaido milk actually tasted distinct and rather special, so I'll give them credit there. And I'm glad that  I got to share it with Tobie today.

With the holiday tomorrow, we're very tempted to go to O Bar again. It would be smarter to just rest, but it's also a holiday and we'll always love a good O Bar night. A double night demands a lot, but hey we're crazy that way.