02D1B: Reading Target

 Monday - Keto Salad

It has been a pretty busy Monday with a lot of meetings, interviews, and other fun bits. As much as I still got things done, it also felt like there simply wasn't enough time in the day to address everything to a true degree of satisfaction. It still felt like a good day overall, so I shouldn't sell things short.

I'm juggling two business books as my current work-related reading: Atomic Scaling on my Kindle and a physical copy of Reinventing the Organization that my sister borrowed from the library. Both have to do with alternate organizational structures of companies and the overlap in their subject matter is an interesting coincidence but it's not entirely random either as it is an area of interest at work. But of course, I have to prioritize reading the library book since I'll be flying home on Friday. It's a little harder to blitz a physical book since I can't quite as easily read it on the go or read it in low light situations, but I'll try to get it done one way or another. It is promising to be an interesting read and it might provide some degree of guidance to specific efforts we have at work. I may end up getting a Kindle copy for myself for future re-reading and referencing.

And thus I want to spend a better part of tonight reading this book while I still have time. I'm not exactly going to be here for all that much longer, and I have pretty much the whole thing to get through. Looks like I'll have to skip taking notes for this run in the interest of processing the book as quickly as possible. Priorities and all that.