02D25: Exciting Anticipation

 Thursday - Quick Lunch

Tomorrow is going to be a big day at work and I'm both excited a nervous. But hey, that's just how things are when they're important. We make our big announcement tomorrow and then we'll spend the next few months (or sort of the rest of the year) doing the actual work and then we'll see how things go from there.

I think that I'll be able to post more thoughts about all this on my LinkedIn next week as we go through this whole process. That should be interesting and maybe it'll help me process things as we move forward. Plus maybe I'll get some good advice from people in my network.

(That last point is ridiculous - barely anyone comments on my LinkedIn stuff.)

Other than that...I'm pretty good. And the only other thing really on my mind is adjusting to my Garmin watch. A lot of it is the same as my Fitbit (or pretty much any fitness tracker), and that's fine. But there are subtle differences that I'm getting used to - but they're not bad differences. One big change is shifting from Fitbit's scheduled move reminders (I used to have to get up every hour between 10am and 10pm to walk 250 steps) to Garmin's more dynamic system, which is based on actual long periods of inactivity regardless of clock time so it really prompts you to get up after lengthy periods of inactivity. This happens the whole time you're awake, so that can feel like a lot, but it's not really if you're already used to getting up regularly to grab another glass of water or whatever.

Oh, and at least I managed to get my Fitbit activity data mostly ported over to Garmin and this really helped to make me feel better even if it didn't jump my "progress" forward beyond Level 2 (whatever this means). That's totally fine - I'm amused at how many badges Garmin seems to have and how I'm earning at least 2 of them daily. It's the little things that keep things interesting.

I'm still behind on my reading, so that's not great. But at least the weekend is just around the corner, so maybe I'll get to play a little catch-up then.