02D34: Scheduling Pressure

Friday - Sayote and Squid

June is coming to a close and I'm looking forward to relatively lighter times maybe? It has been like pulling teeth trying to arrange different weekend plans as our usual gaming circles and O Bar circles have all been pretty busy for one reason or another. And it can't be helped - it's a good time for travel plus Pride Month means there has been a lot of queer-friendly activities all over the place, so yeah, it makes sense.

It's a major relief that we arranged a game night for tonight with at least part of our usual Friday crew. We can always play online and we still have our big monthly meetups with the full group. But at the same time, there's a different kind of fun with our smaller game nights which are practically weekly - at least they used to be. So I hope that tonight marks a turning point in our scheduling and things go more smoothly next month.

Tomorrow is the big O Bar Pride party though, and we've never have any trouble any trouble finding people to join us for an event like that. In fact, we're a little overloaded at the table, but we'll manage things as best as we can. The real challenge will be seeing how our next O Bar weekend will go and if friends will be available then.

Things aren't going to get any easier once we move South. But that's a whole other set of challenges that we'll deal with as they come along..