02D19: Streak Breaking

 Saturday - Turkish Dinner

We're still in Malaysia today and we pretty much got rained in. So our limited plans of stepping out became a full day indoors with the boys. Thankfully, the house here is filled with a lot of things for them to do provided we continue to entertain them and break up any sibling arguments as they arise. Today's more interesting Uncle duties included repeatedly slotting race cars into a wooden track to watch them go down, repeatedly figure out what app my nephew managed to download despite parental controls being enabled, and repeatedly guiding them to the bathroom as part of their potty training. It has been a heck of a day.

And during times like this when I'm preoccupied with so many other things, a lot of my "dailies" start to break down. Right before the trip my 489-day Kindle reading streak broke because our game night took precedence one day and I forgot to try to read a bit even just on the way to the event. Our family plan for Duolingo lapsed and now that I'm back on the free experience, I'm a lot less motivated to compete for the higher leagues because the free experience is kinda terrible in comparison. And I've also been missing out on my Marvel Strike Force dailies for one reason or another, so much so that I haven't been able to restore my streak status for the duration of this trip.

I know this is because I'm juggling more mobile games than I used to and I've also been investing a LOT of time in catching up on my reading since I fell significantly behind in recent weeks. So I only really feel bad about the Kindle streak at this point since I really do want to make some time to read every day. That I want to make sure I stay on track. For everything else, I'm trying to relax my goals a bit and free up more time for other things.

I probably have more to say but I want to squeeze in time for a last board game with Tobie before bed. Catch you on Board Game Arena! hahaha