02D1C: Snippets

Tuesday - Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Today feels like one of those "what do I blog about?" days. It's partly because most of my day involved work stuff and I try to be professional and not talk about work in detail here. And thus you get my repeated statements of things being very busy, which things still are. I could feel myself starting to lose my voice during only my interviews earlier and got worried it was the coffee that was somewhat aggravating me. I ended up shifting to tea for the rest of the afternoon just to keep pace.

My Fitbit is definitely dying a slow death. I can only really read the display in artificial light. The screen is pretty much useless in natural light, which is a bummer. And while I already have a new Garmin watch to look forward to during my flight home, that's still a few days away.

Hang on little Fitbit Sense. I just need your support until Friday.

I brought enough vitamins with me to last as long as the trip. Thus it has become a sort of countdown timer as my supply dwindles, then that confirms that my return flight date is drawing closer. The other imprecise measure is how my 250mL of bottle of mouthwash is also running out. I find that trips that last as long as that bottle of mouthwash lasts are just the right amount of time. As all these things run out, it's really time to go home.

Tomorrow I need to make sure to wake up early to help bring the nephews to school. It's just down the street, but I do take these things seriously. But first, I need to spend the rest of tonight reading in order to finish this library book before I go home. It's actually turning out to be pretty substantial and I may need to order a copy for myself eventually.