02D2C: Faulty Batteries

Thursday - Squid and Sayote

 At the end of my workday, I found myself saying the words "My brain is tired" aloud because I was feeling pretty drained. There's a lot going on and I find myself needing to switch mental tracks regularly as I shift from task to task. I'm super thankful for the likes of Google Tasks (within Calendar!) for helping me stay on top of things because it's easy to get distracted by other people sending in questions or needing to consult. It's a good kind of busy, but it's still quite tiring all the same.

I suppose it did not help that my Garman watch was not very impressed with the quality of my sleep last night. While I'm generally skeptical of the accuracy of their "Body Battery" feature, it is sort of indicative of things in broader strokes. In this case, I only got credited some 60 points for my sleep last night whereas I earned closer to 80 the day before. Maybe it's a bit psychosomatic that I did feel pretty low energy after seeing that update, but I persevered. It's now telling me that my body battery is down to a 7, which sounds bad given we haven't gone for our evening walk just yet. But I don't feel incapable of heading out for a walk - plus there's the fact that I don't think this reading ever goes below 5. I guess they don't want people to complain should they somehow hit zero.

We have no geeky plans for Friday night and Saturday night this weekend, which is a little disappointing. I know Pride Month is pretty busy for a lot of people, but we seem to be unable to find anyone to drag over for board games or whatever. We'll at least visit Tobie's mom on Saturday, so that's something to fill up the time. But there's nothing beyond that so far.

Maybe this is a weird preview of our lives should once we move South. There's always the option to play games remotely as we may find more people with available time if we take travel out of the equation. But playing board games at an actual table together is still a different experience and one that we'll treasure (and thus prioritize).

And after how this week has been coming along, I'm sure we could all use a nice bit of geeky escapism.