02D2D: Friday Dearth

Friday - Rellenong Bangus and Banchan

My Friday was totally fabulous..if you find spreadsheets awesome. I had a lot of detailed work that I needed to catch up on after prioritizing other things throughout the week. Thus I had a lot of reports, invoices, and other bits to keep me busy. The other accomplishment, while not an exciting one, was backing up a lot of our data from a tool we're migrating out of. Digital housekeeping is very important and I'd rather save everything than risk not having something we need should it come up. So yeah, that was my Friday.

We do not have firm gaming plans either tonight or tomorrow. That's a shame, but it happens. To be fair, tomorrow is the big QC Pride March and that's one of the factors impacting things. But we're not participating this year, so we'll just have to make the most of what's left to us.

We'll most likely try to learn some of our new board games on our own tonight. If we're lucky, maybe we'll find someone to game with online, but that has its own set of challenges and complications. so quite gaming on our own isn't too bad either.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Stay dry.