01D1E: Almost Time


Right before I got started on this blog post, I made sure to settle my eTravel registration for my return flight. I've already packed most of my stuff already and all that's left are my toiletries and maybe any last gifts I managed to snag before it's time to head to the airport. I even managed to complete most of my errands for this trip and still have some space for an item or more in my bag, which says a lot about my efficiency for this trip. 

It was quite the busy work day but a rather fulfilling one as well given we were able to present our initial plan to our leaders and now we just need to iron out a few more details before we address the rest of the company. On the surface, it may not seem overly radical but there are a lot of finer points that will have longer-term implications for everyone. But I think this is good - it's part of our continuing evolution in line with our Scaling Up efforts and I'm hoping that this works out. Change is never easy and this next phase is going to ask a lot of our people, but in exchange, I'd like to think that our efforts to empower them and give them greater work autonomy will pay off in time. 

I had a good morning with the nephews, which helped to balance out everything else. Plus spending more time with them in the morning made up for us finishing work late and thus not catching them in the evening. To be fair, the family took me out to an awesome Japanese yakiniku buffet dinner as a nice way to cap off this trip, so I can't complain. Plus I'm sure that one or more of the boys is going to wake me up bright and early for a last round of play and mayhem because that has been our routine every day that I've been with them.

I actually have a last morning meeting before I need to dash off to the airport. It's just in the area, which is fine, but it will cut things a little close. I have a lot more wiggle room here in Singapore versus trying to catch a flight out of Manila. Plus it's not like I even purchased anything that crossed that GST refund threshold because I've only really paid for meals and a few gifts here and there. This is one of the rare trips that we didn't go anywhere near Orchard and thus we skipped Books Kinokuniya. But it's okay, I'm really more of a digital reader now. And it's not like I won't be back in town in a few months or so.