02D1D: Heart and Head Full

Wednesday - Keto Sumo Salad

I officially checked in for my flight home earlier today. That's always the biggest reminder that I'm actually going home and my trip is truly coming to an end. I say this despite the fact that I'm a very mechanical-time person who lives and dies by his unified Google Calendar that shows both my personal stuff alongside my work stuff in a single view. Watching the dates go by day after day is never quite as impactful as the little actions starting with the online check-in. The next big hurdle will be packing my back. And then it'll be actually going to the airport.

I'm eager to go home but it's also bittersweet to leave. Just this morning I had to help get my nephews to go to school, which meant being with them the whole morning, playing little games over breakfast, and then starting various countdowns and timers to prompt them to stop watching TV and make their way to school. I mentioned yesterday that it's just down the street, but if you've ever had to negotiate with two young boys, you'll know that even that can be a bit of an effort. But I enjoyed all of it down to walking along Zion Road with a rather little person who was determined not to ride a stroller to school. 

It's a shame that we got back from work too late to catch them awake. I finally figured out a belated birthday present for the younger one (with my sister's help) and I was pretty eager to see his reaction to it. There's something special for the older one because you know that it's madness not to have something for both siblings when you're talking about two boys so close in terms of age.

I guess I'll just have to wait for tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, I think I've hit a bit of a breakthrough for a big work project that I've been puzzling over throughout most of this trip. Admittedly, reading Reinventing the Organization has helped me to find inspiration. I still have a bit more of the book to finish, but I think I'll probably purchase a Kindle copy for myself in time in order to keep referencing it and to sort of share thanks to the authors for putting all this together.

I really want to post more about this sort of stuff on LinkedIn, but I'm always a little worried about sharing too much or scaring people or something. We'll see how it goes - a lot of the things that I've been reading have been advocating for greater openness built on trust and all that. 

I have a lot to think about and even more to write down and organize into something coherent to present to the rest of the team. Such fun.