02D2E: BGC Geeky Staycation of Sorts

Saturday - Tang Korean Lunch

 With the absence of firm plans to have friends over, we opted to explore more of our board game collection ourselves. We started Friday night with Star Trek:Cryptic, yet another escape room-style puzzle game from the now-defunct Funko Games. It's a shame the publisher has folded up because this is quite the gem of a game. The puzzles are a mix of clever and silly but all very Star Trek. I can't wait to go through the other two missions in the box.

We followed that up with several 2-player games from Thundergryph's Soda Pop Collection - namely Get Salty, Forgenesis, and Light Seeker to start. They're not the most complex games but they are very novel and super portable. So maybe we can travel with these but just not with them in our carryon bags or anything as they will still register as cans and such. But they have a unique role to play in our game collection.

Our last game for the night was Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig, which we had received some time ago but only got around to trying last night. It's a flip-and-write version of Castles of Mad King Ludwig that is very colorful and uniquely challenging. I did terribly with this one, but at least it was still a lot of fun. 

We initially had plans to join family for lunch, but one thing led to another and that lunch has been postponed to another week. So instead, we stepped out for lunch at Tang and were happy to get a seat this time (they're always full!) and we definitely ate too much for a first meal. We finally tried the bingsu stall nearby and that was nice, very not-keto, and probably not quite worth the price. It didn't taste bad or anything - it was just quite expensive for what it was.

I finally got to drag Tobie out to get new shoes because he has had multiple inherited pairs give up on him in recent months. It wasn't an easy shoe journey as we started at Runnr but left without any progress as the attendants there were too busy with other things and didn't really help out. We checked out the local Adidas store just in case but there was a greater emphasis on fashion versus function, so we left empty-handed as well.

We finally ended up at the nearby Toby's Sports store, which is ironically in the same family of stores as Runnr, but at least they had a wider range of shoes. Tobie finally picked up a new pair of Sketchers Go Walk shoes and I took a bit longer to find something I wanted. I went as far as rush-reading articles on recommended walking/hiking shoes to consider and ended up with a pair of Nike Pegasus running shoes. I originally wanted to stick to Brooks, which is my current pair of exercise shoes, given they've lasted me for so long. But they didn't have great options for me and the Nike pair turned out to be weirdly cheaper than the Brooks, so it felt like an option I could live with.

Our shoe shopping took way longer than hoped because of a lack of sizes and an overeager sales clerk who would run off every time to answer one of our questions instead of collating concerns. So by the time we were done, it had started to rain and we hadn't bothered to bring an umbrella with us. We considered finding like a coffee shop to wait out the rain, but the nearest option was Mary Grace, and that might just be the same as a Grab right home. The Grab rates were actually cheaper than a coffee, but there were no drivers available at the time. So we ended up just wrapping our devices in plastic and double-bagging them, then proceeded to walk home once the rain had abated for a bit. That lull didn't last very long, so it was a rather exciting hurried walk home with our new shoes in toe. The paper bags obviously didn't survive the walk but it was rather fun because it was the two of us getting drenched.

Our soaked clothes went straight into the washing machine the moment we got home and after some warm showers, we settled down for coffee and the season finale of Doctor Who. The rest of the night is still wide open, but the mercurial weather has already stymied a potential gaming visitor. Tobie and I will probably just play more games on our own, but we'll see how things go.