02D2B: Drain Day

 Wednesday  -- Keto Mushroom Pasta

This was a very long work day for me and yet I'm still sorta itching to process O Bar videos, which can feel like a rather tedious activity. And why would I want to do something repetitive like that after investing a lot of the day in processing a fair number of spreadsheets? Tomorrow should be better though given all the effort I had invested in trying to finish as much of the tedious stuff today. 

The main challenge is that I'm juggling two big projets at work beyond all the other day-to-day things that also jockey for my attention. They're both quite important but naturally, change management is never easy. We're once again asking for a lot of support from the team as we get these efforts underway - but we're still in the part of the overall implementation that feels the bulk of the effort rests on our shoulders. We're stubborn enough to persevere and keep moving forward, but man it can be quite taxing on the brain.

At least I made decent progress on both fronts today. I need to catch up with other tasks tomorrow and I've already queued things up so I don't forget. I'm so glad that Google finally integrated Tasks into Calendar - that's one less app that I need on my phone to remain productive. More Google apps need to combine like this, such as the seamless integration of Chat into the official Gmail app and such.

Enough of this for now. Need to figure out how to more effectively decompress. At least the weather held up long enough for me and Tobie to get a decent walk in tonight. Those are always lovely.