02D32: Activity Levels

Wednesday - Pork Sinigang

The rainy weather as of late has put a little damper on our walking efforts. Tobie and I would normally walk around BGC after dinner, but we haven't been able to do so in a while. Our last walk was last Saturday when we had lunch together but even then we had gotten caught in the rain on our way home. 

To keep up with my (slowly increasing) step goal, I've gone back to rather hurried pacing in the Sietch at the end of the day. This weirdly feels more difficult than walking outdoors - I guess the repetitive back and forth within a smaller space is too unnatural or something. And I've been waking up feeling extra sore in the morning despite a decent night's sleep. 

So for most of this week, I've also been limiting myself to more restorative yoga flows instead of the more strenuous stuff. To be fair, I still work up a bit of a sweat as holding some of those poses still takes some effort. But I know I could also do a lot more than mobility work on the mat. I've largely limited myself to various yoga flows ranging from restorative yin to more strenuous vinyasa workouts.

I really get back into weights for more serious strength training or something. Just gotta find the energy for it and make the time for it.