02D27: A Lighter Saturday (Thus Far)

 Saturday - Keto Carrotless Cake

Tobie and I have had very different days today, but at least we have O Bar to look forward to together for tonight. 

Today was a slower day for me with a lot of "catching up" involved. I started my morning with some yoga (which is rare versus recent weekends) and then sat down to catch up on updating YNAB with my expenses over the last few months. Then I made my way to my foot spa appointment and tried to read more of The Book That Wouldn't Burn during the session. I got to try out Baristart Coffee and generally enjoyed it although it's quite pricey. And then I spent the afternoon getting more O Bar videos uploaded while listening to Jenny Nicholson videos because she goes into a crazy amount of detail about things.

Tobie is doing better, which is quite the relief. This injust has been confirmed to be nothing too serious and already he's almost back to normal mobility. I'm still urging him to be as careful as possible to avoid aggravating things. Plus we have a long weekend to enjoy together and neither of us wants to dampen that.

O Bar tonight. A play tomorrow. Then a more relaxed Monday.

Happy weekend, everyone.