02D1F: A Few Delays

 Friday - SQ Seafood In-Flight Meal

I'm back in Manila after a somewhat longer trip home. Typically my flights to and from Singapore are pretty routine, especially since we always use regular commercial airlines like Singapore Airlines or Philippine Airlines for such business trips. 

Today's flight was unusual such that our flight out of Singapore was delayed by about an hour. The initial explanation had something to do with "late positioning' of the flight, but that was later clarified to because our plane to Manila had not yet arrived. We were eventually assigned to a new aircraft so we could get underway but it still meant at least an hour's delay. I'm pretty sure our plane was originally meant to go to Bangkok based on the signage near the gate and the fact the pilot accidentally gave us our estimated arrival time "in Bangkok" instead of Manila. We were originally supposed to get home by 05:30pm and we still managed to get on the ground just past 06:00pm, which was kind of impressive. This included needing to maintain a holding pattern above the airport due to congestion around NAIA. 

The longer flight did give me enough time to finish two movies. I first watched Lisa Frankenstein after some curiosity given its generally favorable reception in some online circles. It was family fun but I can also see how it didn't necessarily become THAT big a movie as it definitely has that indie feel to it. The other movie was the much-maligned Madame Web because I wanted something stupid to leave playing while I read other things. I'm sure that I nodded off at some points but I don't think I actually missed anything significant.

Despite that, I'm just glad to be home and we're diving right into the weekend with an O Bar night planned for tonight.  More thoughts when I'm more settled.