02D23: Busy, Busy, Busy

 Tuesday - Pork Chop Lunch

This week is shaping up to be the sort that involves multiple tasks that are all quite urgent and thus need attention. I'm doing my best to juggle things as best as I can but it's hard to keep all the plates spinning. Priorities shift from day to day, as expected. But yeah, it's proving to be a lot and I know I need to stay focused in order to get things done. I will concede that I am leveraging the power of immovable deadlines to really drive me forward has become the default strategy. It's all creeping a little closer to cramming territory, but I suppose it can't be helped. There's nothing like that sort of pressure to really get you moving.

Ever since I got back from Singapore, I've immediately fallen behind on my reading. I also feel the burden of falling behind on processing O Bar videos from recent nights out and it's only going to get worse as we're going back the next few weekends, as is the way of things during Pride month. I tried to at least move my photo queue while I was out, but that's even more backed up as I'm still processing stuff from September 2023. WTF right?

There simply isn't time for everything unless I really prioritize and compartmentalize. I've already decided to uninstall a few mobile games that were sucking up a lot of time and I've even decided to call it quits with Duolingo. I probably need to tighten my approach to writing these blog posts just to invest less time in it or save time through pre-planning or something. A lot of times I take a while to figure out what thoughts I want to share (or are at least safe enough to share) and maybe I should be doing other things when I don't have anything pressing to write.

So many different considerations.