02D33: Productive Tension

Thursday - Bangus Lunch

The Bear is back for its third season and we have a full ten episodes but those episodes vary from 30-40 minutes in duration. That means that this season is still going to be a lot and yet it also will feel like it's not enough. It's really not the sort of show that you can binge because it gets crazily intense. But it's also an experience that we'll enjoy and will be eager to get to the end of because that's just how it goes. So let's find out how long it takes us to finish the season - or how long we can savor it.

Work is going well, I think. I've mostly cleared one of the two big things that we've been working on and so things are going to be about the fine details and whatnot beyond this point. There's still the other big thing that will remain my big thing through the next month or quarter or the rest of this year. It's good stuff and I am super excited about all this. But it's still a lot of work, a lot of coaching, and a lot of troubleshooting as we try to get this right and let the team make it their own. We just have to trust the process for now.

I know I keep making references to all the stuff at work but this is as close as I can get to talking about it while remaining professional. But as it's the main thing on my mind I can't avoid talking about it entirely. Otherwise, this blog stops serving its purpose of helping me decompress at the end of the day if there are things that I can never talk about. So this is how I go about things for now.

Or I blog very elaborate fiction in an effort to talk about things in a very roundabout way.