02965: Sietch Obligations

Kailan with Tofu

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 345

Feeling rather tired at the moment. It was a pretty busy day and it didn't help that Tobie and I slept later than planned last night, which is never a good idea for a Monday. We seriously need to make sure we go to bed on time today so tomorrow won't feel as heavy. And the increased humidity totally isn't helping.

Man, I want a massage.

There are a million little things that factor into keeping the Sietch running that don't include our actual jobs that pay the bills. Let's run through some of the stuff.

In the morning I do my best to get through some sort of physical activity whether it's just yoga for flexibility or more intense exercise to really push myself. Then I set up our first pot of coffee for the day just as Tobie and I sit down to work. More often than not Tobie tries to handle lunch unless he has too much going on then I pitch hit. In contrast, I handle dinner most days, unless I end up feeling overly tired (or lazy) come the end of the day and we end up ordering out or reheating leftovers.

In-between there are other things that need time like regular loads of laundry (plus folding) throughout the week, ordering water refills for our dispenser, washing the dishes, and taking out the trash. There's also the need to at least vacuum the house on a regular basis to keep the dust levels down. At night I also make sure Tobie and I take our multivitamins (because COVID-19 is still a thing), drink my apple cider vinegar water, and get around to washing the coffee machine so it's ready for the next day. 

It's a lot to juggle in terms of the physical stuff in meat space - this doesn't factor in my other daily checklist items like this blog, my daily Elevate and Duolingo challenges, and reading at least a comic book so that I keep pace with my reading goals for the year. Fun, fun, fun stuff.