02950: Hello, February

BGC Tree

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 324

New month, new things that need doing. A lot of paperwork today. Even more paperwork to come. And as always, so much to do still. 

In other words, it was a pretty good Monday at work. 

Tobie and I got a fair amount of board game time in over the weekend, and that was nice. I dunno why I drift away from games and end up wasting time with so many other distractions. I really just need to make more time for it on a more regular basis because it's a hobby that Tobie and I love together. It's fun to play with friends, of course, but there's still a lot to enjoy when it's just the two of us. 

But given how busy today has been and how we ended up eating leftovers for dinner, I guess it's best to take it easy. I had initially thought we'd spend some time catching up with Busted! but instead we got sucked back into the black hole of the transition from Season 4 to Season 5 of Orange is the New Black. And now Tobie's playing Death Stranding and I think I'll fire up a Lego game or something.