02957: Investigating Eve


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 331

Busy, busy Monday. Not overly crazy busy. Not super stressful busy. But still quite busy. But the nice productive kind of busy. Although a lot of my day was very tied to reports and numbers, but that's like my every day. There's a comfort in the surety of numbers, of course. 

Killing Eve is our new happy distraction. We had heard great things about the show for some time, but now that we're finally watching it, it's even more amazing. I didn't even know that the series had an espionage aspect, which is something that Tobie and I really appreciate. Then throw in the fact that the first series (season) was written by PhoebeWaller-Bridge of Fleabag fame and it makes this first season all the more enjoyable. This is amazing and it totally scratches the itch for better espionage-related television content in our lives. 

This just reminds me that I haven't finished my preparation work for our Night's Black Agents game in a few more weeks. I still have time to go over the supplementary material but if I don't keep track of things, the game will be upon us and I won't feel 100% prepared to continue our in-game investigation.

Maybe I really should re-prioritize my reading queue so that I finally read my Tom Clancy novels or something. This is a genre of fiction I have had only limited exposure to but I have never really fully immersed myself in and I think I need to address this part of my interests more fully in the near future. 

So little time. So much to geek over.