02952: Possible Holiday Errands

Not Quite an Omelet

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 326

With the Chinese New Year holiday coming up, I was considering that it might be a good idea to get a long-overdue dental visit out of the way. The last time I had seen the dentist was right around the start of quarantine when I had my teeth cleaned and consulted regarding some rather sensitive teeth. The sensitivity never went away but it never felt like a good idea to go given, well, the pandemic.

I tried calling the Maxicare-acredited clinic I had last gone to, but for some reason, all their numbers weren't working. I tried calling another clinic on my own, but then it seems we have the wrong kind of Maxicare membership for the BGC branch, and the appropriate branch that supports our HMO is over in Makati.

I called the Maxicare Dental Hub hotline in an effort to get more options, but it's always so hard to get the rep to provide relevant recommendations since they typically just pull up whichever comes up first, which is more often than not a clinic in a more remote part of Taguig City, not necessarily BGC proper. After going through a few McKinley suggestions, she ultimately provided one in BGC, but their Facebook page says they are only providing limited services. And typical dental cleaning is considered to be too high risk for them, apparently.

So I'm not sure if I'm going to get my dental stuff out of the way and now I'm not even sure if clinics are actually allowed to do cleaning and the sort of deeper consultation I'm hoping for. I'll try again in the morning, but if I can't figure it out by tomorrow, I'll take it as a sign that it's not meant to be for now and I'm better off waiting for, I dunno, after the quarantine restrictions ease more?

Another long-delayed errand is the need to renew our passports. I think of it whenever a holiday comes up, but given this is a local one, I doubt I can (1) get an appointment in time and (2) actually have options that aren't impacted by the holiday. Not that it feels all that urgent to get this done since I won't be traveling anytime soon. But I do miss having a valid passport as a reliable government ID.

If I don't get any of these things done this month, it's no biggie. There's always the eternal back-up of reading more and unboxing more Transformers or Star Trek starship models during the limited break period.