0296A: Weekend Offline and Online Geekery

Dune Imperium Cards

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 350

Tobie and I spent last night playing a few physical board games for a change, mainly taking advantage of the new stuff that Tobie has added to our collection. Dune Imperium is really growing on me as a solid Dune board game and Marvel Villainous does make for an interesting spin on the established Villainous game system. 

Today's big focus was our Pendragon online RPG session and we really took advantage of the extra time that Saturdays provide. We started the session at 04:00pm and pushed to just shy of midnight in order to make the most of things until our next session in late March. I seem to be full on the path to becoming the next Merlin while the rest of my brothers in arms are doing their best to survive the Battle of Badon Hill without me. 

Now we have the rest of Saturday night to ourselves and I don't know yet if we'll play more board games by ourselves or if we'll look for friends who are active online and play something over Steam or something.  Both have the potential to be pretty enjoyable, so no complaints there. And tomorrow's RPG session is going to be shorter than we'd like due to scheduling constraints for one of the players, so we might as well get our gaming in today, right?

I'm still feeling oddly tired today and I'm not sure if it's just because we stayed up late last night or if my workout this morning was a bit too much for me. By the end of the week, I do tend to feel rather physically weary. But I'm still pretty stubborn when it comes to my fitness goals and so I keep pushing on. Is this what it feels like to be some sort of an athlete or something? Hahaha

Hope you're all having a good weekend, folks.