02961: Weight Malfunction

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 341

My weight has been trending heavier this week - over 74kg but thankfully never over 75kg so far. I knew I was going to risk being heavier this week since I doubled-up on keto desserts over the Chinese New Year holiday AND I received bonus cookies that were totally unexpected. So yeah, I've been off my acceptable macro range since Friday, but I totally own this.

I have been keeping up with my workouts though, so that should help mitigate the worst of things. And I expect to get back on track by the end of next week. Fingers and toes crossed. The ups and downs are part of this journey and maybe the weekend's excesses will help shake things up and get my body back into one of my weight-loss dips. 

In the meantime, weight plateau. 

To add weird insult to injury, our older weighing scale stopped working. As much as I've mainly been using the Fitbit Aria Air that we received as a Christmas gift the other year, it doesn't measure my body fat percentage. So funnily, I've been using the Aria to get my weight and then I'd still use the older scale to get my body fat percentage and I'd manually key that into the Fitbit app. It stopped working just after the CNY holidays, so I don't know what's up with that.

So either I just accept giving up on body fat measurements or I get another device to measure my body fat and be able to update that field in my app. This...is admittedly a minor thing since I don't need to know this value, but I am annoyed that I don't have ready access to it anymore.