02966: Not How We Do Business

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 346

Quick work rant: local companies are weird.

I know I've been "lucky" in the sense that the bulk of my work experience has been tied to other countries. I spent over a dozen years working at a BPO company, which primarily had me dealing with American clients. And my current role has me mostly dealing with Singapore-based clients, which was pretty different but still not a bad kind of different.

But man, local clients are a whole other ball game. Every now and then we get an inquiry from a local company that we decide to try pitching for. And we always discover...certainly peculiarities with how they present their requirements or how even how they communicate. Some of it is just about cultural differences, sure. But other stuff is just strange and it often has me wondering how people are able to operate in that manner. 

But of course, we continue to put our best foot forward and we see where things will go. But every time we go through this exercise, I just wonder if it's really something we want to get into. At the very least, it'll certainly provide an interesting challenge should we actually win a local contract. Still not rushing into it though, hehe