02962: Quieter Friday Night Agenda

Two Bowls of Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 342

Tobie is visiting his mom tonight, so I'm home alone at the Sietch. I could have gone with him, but Tobie was concerned about how much the visit would disrupt my routine. I don't want to seem overly difficult, but I know I can be a rather difficult person and a creature of habit to a ridiculous degree. And Tobie saying it was okay for me to stay home was a recognition of that and just another way that he shows he loves and understands me. 

For the most part, my Friday night won't be all that different from other Fridays. I'll still read or play video games. I'll have a TV show or movie playing. And I'll have some tea because it's too late for coffee and I'm already in my fasting window. The main difference is Tobie's not here, which affects what I can watch without him and it eliminates the option to play a board game instead of a video game. 

My main project for tonight, maybe, is to get more work done on the Night's Black Agents Dracula Dossier notes in preparation for tomorrow's game session. I was hoping to get most of it done during last week's long weekend, but all the different games we scheduled ate up most of the time. No regrets there, of course. But that still leaves a good 300+ pages of material to review and cross-reference. Honestly, this is rather fun for me, even if it feels like schoolwork to some degree. 

Tomorrow I'll get through my morning workout and then make a quick run for other keto supplies, as usual. I now get my Keto Filipino pastries directly from them (it comes out only slightly cheaper due to courier shipping), but I still need to go to Real Food for things like MCT Oil and other pastries. I've stopped buying almond flour and psyllium husk from them since I get cheaper ingredients from a Lazada seller plus the fact that my keto pandesal batches come out a lot better now. Ingredients truly matter.

But that's all for now. I know Tobie will be back in time for our game in the afternoon, so it's really not a lot of time. But you know how it is - every minute apart feels like too long but once he's back it'll be like he never left soon enough. Funny how that works out. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!