02A83: Right Before O Bar

Friday Baked Salmon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 629    

We're driving to O Bar as I compose this post on my phone and in my head - things just got too tight schedule-wise for me to get my daily blog post out before we had to leave the Sietch. And it's mainly because I was busy with work-related stuff that we couldn't leave earlier.

My last big work task was a report that I really should have figured out sooner rather than later. In all honesty, I really do enjoy crafting reports - particularly new ones. It's one thing to update a monthly report/tracker - that can get rather routine. It's a whole other effort to take a raw data set and decide how to craft a report to tell a story based on that information. And I know I've already written about how much I enjoy this process, so let's save some time. 

I can't believe O Bar is finally re-opening. We've been careful about so many other aspects of our lives throughout this pandemic, but this is the one that'll make a big difference in our life. This is the exclusion that has a special exception in our risk assessment thinking. And things aren't going to be the same after tonight.

Maybe things are finally coming around. The numbers are still quite promising. People are starting to become eligible for vaccination boosters. We need an actual new normal.