02AA1: Advent Enigma

Thursday Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 649

Last night, Tobie and I finished Exit: The Game - Advent Calendar: The Mystery of the Ice Cave. In true advent calendar fashion, it was a delightful collection of 24 different puzzles of varying quality but it still resulted in a wonderful experience when taken all together. For an all-ages product, it certainly kept us pretty entertained throughout the month, even if we weren't able to consistently play one puzzle a day. Heck - we ended up rushing through the last 4 puzzles last night because we wanted to get to the end already.

I think is my first-ever advent calendar and definitely our first together - I have no regrets that this is the way things turned out. It was such a unique puzzle experience that played out pretty well over the weeks. This could totally make for a great holiday tradition should the Exit folks continue to release one of these every year. And I do consider us lucky that Tobie was able to find a copy of the game in the first place - we weren't sure an English version would be released and we were just about ready to go hunting for one of the original German-language copies out in the world just to be able to play through through the calendar. 

I'd love to go into detail about some of the puzzle designs and what made it so fun, but of course, that means spoilers. And it's definitely the sort of tabletop experience that we love enough to NOT spoil it for other people who still have a chance of buying the set for another year. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this is a totally fun purchase. 

And the other great part of the game is the option to examine all the components after and sort of deconstruct the whole puzzle calendar. The team behind this line of games often comes up with some very great ideas and I hope they keep it up in the long term.