02A87: Physical vs Virtual Gifting

Tuesday Liempo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 633

In one of our group chats, the subject of Christmas gifts came up since some friends were already working out the logistics for getting their gifts to their intended recipients. And that was just a big reminder that I haven't even begun to think about the possibility of gifts.

Last year, we primarily focused on gifts for immediate family despite the ongoing pandemic, at least for physical gifts. And I was pretty happy with what I had chosen for them based on my blog post from last year. But for specific friends, we also relied on digital gifts in the form of different board game-related apps, which in turn helped us have more games in common to play during our various online game nights during the quarantine. 

There is the increasing possibility of seeing at least some of our friends in person again with things like O Bar re-opening and other relaxed restrictions given how the overall pandemic situation feels better than it did earlier this year. Maybe there'll be room for more physical gifts? The only problem there is that giving physical gifts means in-person shopping, and I don't know if I'm fully up to that, especially with the slowly increasing volume of people at malls and other shopping centers. 

We have to figure this out sooner than later though. If we don't go with going around malls directly, that'll mean needing to shop for things online ahead of time so that things don't get delivered too late for Christmas. And that wouldn't be fun at all...although we do have a family precedent of print-outs of online receipts as proxy gifts haha

I really hope it'll turn out to be a happier Christmas for everyone this year.