02AA0: Mid-Week Holiday Achievements

Moriawase Sashimi

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 648

Work was better today - still a lot to get through, but we did it and things didn't end on a stressful note. There are still a lot of initiatives in progress and we'll only have the next two Fridays off. That means a little more time to relax for both weekends but the same amount of work compressed into limited time for both workweeks. You know the drill.

My total admiration for people who have the liberty to take a lot of time off during this holiday period. I feel like your ability to take time off is affected greatly by the size of the company you're in or at least the size of your immediate team and the ability to have other peers take up your workload while you're out. Not everyone is in a role that affords that luxury and either never go on leave or stay on call while on leave - both of which tend to be less than ideal options.

We did another Christmas gift shopping run after work today. Last time it was Bonifacio High Street. Today it was SM Aura. and like before, we opted to walk all the way to the mall since we could clearly see how bad the traffic was and thus didn't want to waste time trying to get there and find parking. time is precious after all.

We were able to find a few key gifts to generally complete our Christmas list and I'm feeling a lot better. We still have to go through the effort of sorting our purchases, double-checking if we have enough gifts for everyone that we want to give gifts to, and then make sure to distribute said gifts at the first opportunity. We still have a number of digital gifts that we need to purchase and lock in for the holidays, but at least we have covered our bases for now.

As a special treat, we opted to have dinner at Ogetsu Hime, which is a Japanese restaurant that offers a sit-down buffet service where you keep ordering until you're full or your time runs out. We hadn't been back here since before the pandemic and it was nice to finally go back. Many things had changed including items missing from the buffet menu and noticeably smaller portions per order. Combine these smaller plates with greater delays between "orders" for buffet refills, and it does feel like there have been significant cost-cutting efforts worked into their day-to-day operations. Understandable, but still annoying. 

At least the food was still good. And it's a good enough value if you mainly order sashimi and tenderloin teppanyaki because of my keto restrictions. 

We're ending tonight by watching The French Dispatch because I really love Wes Anderson movies.