02AA6: Last Cake

Tuesday Cake

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 654

We are down to our last keto cake already - this being after a 6" yema cake, a 6" carrot cake, and an 8" Christmas cake. Now I have a last 7" Chocolate Hazelnut Drip Cake. And wow, maybe I had inadvertently saved the best for last because this cake is GREAT. And Tobie seriously questions how this can claim to still be keto given how good it tastes. Miracles of modern science and all that.

2021 isn't quite done with my work life and we have a few other situations to resolve as the year ends. It largely reflects the nature of the times, I suppose. You can only commit to do your best and hope things work out for the best. It won't always since people will always have different reactions to things and all that jazz. It's a hard lesson we all learn at one point in time or another in our working lives. But it'll always rankle a bit from time to time.

Today really got away from me and I feel like there are still so many other things I wanted to do but haven't been able to manage. The end of the year looms and there simply isn't time for everything. So I'll just do as much as I can and then see how things go from there.