02A8E: Vaccination-Induced Hiatus

Tuesday Recap

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 640

Today was eventful but not in my typical sense of being productive. And that's mainly because I was scheduled to get my COVID-19 vaccination booster shot today thanks to mom, and thus I filed leave from work in order to leave myself more time for recovery. I didn't experience any super-serious side effects from my 2 previous doses of Sinovac, but it felt prudent to avoid a busy workday. I also set my alarms earlier so that I could still squeeze in a workout before the vaccine would take me out. 

The vaccination process itself was quite smooth and we only took more time since I didn't have the same priority queue as she and I had to wait the full 30 minutes during the observation period. The main difference is how "heavy" the Moderna vaccine felt versus Sinovac. My first series of vaccine shots didn't have an immediate effect and the soreness in my arm only began an hour or two later. But this shot felt immediately uncomfortable going in, the soreness began almost immediately, and now I can barely bend my arm because of the pain. 

I broke fasting early to join mom for breakfast, and it did feel prudent to get something into our stomachs as we dealt with the vaccine. It was a nice enough meal, but I think we were all distracted by the growing soreness and pain in our arms, so both went home shortly after that. Tobie had prepared a chicken for lunch, but I just wanted to lie down and let my arm just rest. While arm pain is a minor side effect, the fact that it hurts to type since the height of my laptop keyboard relative to where I sit seems to require enough of a bend in my arm to really trigger the pain all along the vaccination arm.

There were some happy distractions like the fact that some of my 12.12 purchases had already arrived including my new Fitbit Charge 5, which is quite the step up from my much more basic Fitbit InspireHR. My transition to the new device was pretty seamless and I think I spent more time trying to make a final decision on which virtual clock face to use. I'm still in the process of understanding all the new features that come with this wearable versus my older version along with all the roadblocks presented by data sets restricted to Fitbit Premium users.

We also managed to steam a fun Baduy Pride episode about the Exit: The Game - Advent Calendar and went on to play 5 "days" worth of puzzles after the show. 

Now I need to get enough rest to be back to dive back into work tomorrow.