02A9C: Keto Cake Invasion

Keto Filipino Carrot(less) Cake

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 644

I've gotten myself into a bit of a keto cake overlord started this weekend.

It started with my bi-weekly Keto Filipino resupply order. I typically just get two trays of this or that treat to act as supplementary snacks for the next 2 weeks. But with the holidays around the corner, I figured that I might as well indulge a bit by getting the holiday gift box that includes 4 mini-cake samples. But I also thought it would be nice to try their seasonal Christmas cake, so I made arrangements for a special order next week just in time for Christmas with the family. 

What I wasn't expecting was that I'd get a free Carrot(less) Cake from the Keto Filipino team in appreciation of my continued support (and ridiculously regular ordering), which was a welcome surprise but still an unplanned cake. 

Then today a friend send over some Christmas treats for me and Tobie which included another Keto Filipino cake, so that brings my current cake count to two in the fridge now with two more coming next week plus the mini-cakes. I'm going to overload on keto-friendly sweet treats across this holiday period hahaha! 

At least they're still keto and this does not (yet?) involve me breaking my diet entirely. I'll just have to juggle these different treats responsibly so that I don't overly exceed my macros on this or that day because of all these delights.