02A8C: The 12.12 Report

Sunday Roast Beef

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 638

We're at that point in December when a lot of our ongoing RPG campaigns are coming to an end - whether for the entire campaign or at least for 2021. Plus with the big holidays falling on the last two weekends of the year, we're left with less time for games, at least for this month. Thus this weekend we had our last sessions for 2021 for both our ongoing Night's Black Agents and Pendragon campaigns and in both cases, we ended at pretty good places that'll make for a fun start to our games next year. 

Beyond my workouts and Tobie getting the groceries done, the other big item of consideration for today was trying to make the most of today's 12.12 sale on Lazada. Most of you should already be familiar that I don't really go nuts for these things and I just use these now-monthly sales to save on delivery fees for my keto baking supplies and other keto cooking ingredients. 

But this is December, I wanted to be a little smarter about my purchases and try to game the system more with things like Lazada Bonus and all those vouchers. Plus Christmas is just around the corner, so it would be nice to get some Christmas shopping done at the same time.

I had mixed results for today's sale. First, transitioning to a new phone earlier this month somehow led to me accidentally creating a new Lazada account instead of logging into my existing one. This meant that my efforts to collect Lazada Bonus credits earlier in the month went to waste since it was for the wrong account - and I only rectified the error just as 12.12 was beginning. 

Then I went through my regular keto-related purchases and at least got free shipping for two different vendors and some discounts here and there. But I forgot to trigger Shopback for these purchases, which is a waste of potential cashback. Boo, Rocky, boo.

I was more careful for the rest of the day as I logged in every few hours to check for new vouchers or more bonus credit. I kept adding different things to my cart and testing how much they would cost at checkout with different combinations of vouchers. I found a few more items of interest but also struggled to get most of my Christmas shopping done since I hadn't quite thought things through sufficiently in terms of what gifts I wanted to get people. I got at least one decent gift and made a non-Lazada decision for another, so I guess that helps things along. 

Figuring out these big sales can be tiring and I don't know how people do this on a regular basis. And while you may save, in the end, you still spend a lot more than what you started with, so it may not be as smart as some people put it out to be. But at least I had some fun with it and I got myself a bit of a Christmas treat because what else should we do with our 13th-month payouts, right?