02A9A: Almost There Too Soon

Thursday Protein

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 642

There's one more day left in the workweek. We're just over halfway through the month. We only have a handful of days before the year comes to an end. Time is moving a little too quickly for comfort, but such is the nature of things.

We escape from the stresses of our respective jobs by watching different TV shows, playing board games when we can, and other little distractions. Maybe we should map out some actual time off, but it's hard to let go of our respective work responsibilities and so we keep going. 

I only think of this since I see a lot of folks filing longer leaves for the holidays, which is quite the happy luxury indeed. I can't really imagine being away from work for too long given all that needs to get done and the importance of keeping the business afloat as there are a good number of people who are dependent on the company for livelihood. It's a daunting thing to consider at times, but it comes with the territory.

At least tomorrow is Friday, so we'll have the weekend to look forward to. Tomorrow is also our company Christmas party, so that should be its own kind of fun, I'm sure. 

I hope I get to work out tomorrow. I'm still in recovery mode after my booster shot, but I'm a lot better today than I was yesterday. I just can't quite life my arm up fully without experiencing muscle pain, so there's that.