02A86: Of Virtual Spaces and Videos

Monday Pork Chop

Metro Manila Community Quarantine -  Day 632

We now have two Gather Town instances at the office. It started with the design creatives crafting a space for themselves and now our accounts team has one, too. Given the service is free for up to 25 concurrent users, maintaining multiple instances was the more prudent option. At the very least, we've linked the two "towns" with portals, so it's theoretically possible to teleport between the two spaces, although this feature is still a little buggy.

The platform has been around for a while, but it's only now that our office is really getting into it. As much as we've been heavily using Google Meet for all of our online meetings throughout the pandemic, the novelty of having a virtual space to navigate together has a unique appeal. Sure I can chat with my peers through our existing channels or even pull people together for a quick call. But it feels a lot more like normal times when I can "walk over to someone's desk and discuss whichever concern pretty quickly. 

We'll see how this experiment will pan out. At least people are having fun with it.

I'm really that O Bar is open again. And a weird part of that happiness is my ability to upload new O Bar videos to my YouTube channel again. We all enjoy things in our own way and a big part of how I celebrate the talented performers is by taking a ridiculous number of photos of their shows. And beyond that, I also try to take videos when I can. But I have to choose which performances I take videos of since that drains my phone battery really quickly - or at least at a quicker pace than what would allow me to get through to the end of the night. 

For our first two O Bar nights this year, I also had to juggle learning to use my new phone. And that's always an interesting exercise that can only really be done through practice on site. O Bar's lighting provides a unique shooting challenge for anyone, what more some guy making the most of point-and-shoot cameras and more recently camera phones. But hey, we all have our quirks. 

I ended tonight by uploading and processing all the videos I took last week, and the exercise really left me feeling pretty good. It's the little things.