02AA2: Finally Christmas

Christmas Cake

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 650

As is our tradition around this time, I'm with my family for Christmas Eve while Tobie is with his. Family time is important after all and for now our celebrations remain discrete. Tobie keeps joking that a joint Christmas is inevitable, and I suppose this isn't exactly impossible. I just can't quite imagine the logistics of such a gathering just yet, but who knows, right?

The new addition to this year's multi-country Christmas celebration is a few rounds of Jackbox party games via Google Meet. Given how games have generally been a part of many of our Christmas celebrations, this was a nice evolution of this family tradition. 

But man, it's hard to think of which Jackbox games might work best with a family audience. Everyone has different play strengths plus different references. This far trivia-style games seem safe, but that's barely scratching the surface of what's possible.

Then Tobie and I will still meet up with friends at O Bar after midnight. This is also a sort of holiday tradition of ours and I'm glad that we can resume this "practice" this year.