02AA3: Renewed Christmas Traditions

Christmas Crew

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 651

Our Christmas O Bar run last night was really great. It was nice to see more friends again in person and we got to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend at the same time. Tobie and I had also prepared some gifts for the staff and the drag queens and we got to play Santa Claus as we made the rounds asking them to pick a gift or to share their skin type so I could match them with an appropriate make-up remover. It was a solid night all around.

Today we ended up staying in and starting our day late with some leftover keto-friendly keto cake (still so good!) and then a late brunch of Sariwon (second time this week). It made for a suitable happy holiday meal for us plus we weren't exactly rushing to cook something today. We weren't super hungover or anything but more just tired from standing around and dancing all of last night.

Finally, it seems the family has become a bit more enamored with playing party games together online via Jackbox, and we ended up having another game session today. With easier access to my full library of party games, we got to try out a good mix of things including a drawing-based game! On the whole, it's just so nice to find a new way to bond as a family despite the distance. We used to play a lot of You Don't Know Jack growing up and now we're able to play related games online across two countries! The wonders of technology indeed.

We'll be gaming again with friends tonight and will probably have another family game session tomorrow. This all certainly makes for a nice holiday weekend.