02A8B: O Bar Mini-Groups

Friday Night O Bar Crew

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 637

Last night's O Bar night was great. While we already had fun when we went to O Bar during their official re-opening last week, that was also more of a scouting mission for us as we wanted to understand the new system given all the health protocols the bar had to adhere to before we brought in friends. Initially, we only made plans to go back on the 18th for the inevitable anniversary celebration for the bar, but we were so happy with that first weekend, that we scrambled to make O Bar plans sooner.

It took a lot of effort to figure out what I call our O Bar table math since we needed to assemble a table of 4 people to make the most of the table rates. Our final "party" for the night included some good friends, although I also feel a little guilty that this included only one-half of a couple. Those are the quirks of only really having two slots for friends given the sort of tables we prefer to occupy while at the bar. The VIP areas offer only a slightly larger capacity at 6 per section, but those are a lot further away from the stage, and I'm never too keen on that.

I foresee that we'll be "hosting" more of these mini-reunions, as well as helping other friends, come back to O Bar. During the pre-pandemic times, we would end up with rather large groups of friends including O Bar regulars and a few first-timers. We probably won't be able to organize nights like that anytime soon, but we'll make the most of what we can arrange for now. It's still such a gift to be able to go to O Bar at all given all that has happened this year. And of course, we want to be able to share that happiness with friends, especially those who also consider O Bar to be a second home.

So here's to more O Bar nights to come and more good times with friends as we figure out schedules for bringing them back to O Bar with us.