02AA4: After Christmas Drift

Sunday Sushi

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 652

The holiday weekend has been rather...lazy. Beyond playing Jackbox party games online with the family several times over this weekend, we haven't really done all that much. We did manage to get some physical tabletop games in last night and played a mix of old and new games - well, maybe just new-ish in terms of games that we had played before but did not own until recently. It made for a fun Saturday night, for sure.

But now work is just around the corner as Monday looms and neither Tobie nor I have significant time off this week. We both have a fair amount to do at work, something that will only get further aggravated by the shortened workweek since our respective companies are both taking Friday off.

The other weird thing I'm worried about is the fact that I still have a LOT of Transformers to unbox and photograph, but I'm not sure when I'll find the time to handle that before the year ends. My brain goes to weird places by the end of the day and it feels harder to focus on things like blogging and learning how to transform new Transformers figures. 

But we'll see how things go. I'll figure out something, I guess.