02A9D: A Proper O Bar Aniniversary

16 Years of O Bar

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 645

Last night was the big O Bar Anniversary event to celebrate both their 15th and 16th anniversaries since the pandemic made celebrating last year an impossibility. During pre-COVID times, the anniversary event would mean needing a lot of patience to deal with a dangerously crowded bar and all the other complications that come with cramming that many drunk people into a confined space. This year's celebration was fun but not as cramped given the social distancing restrictions and other complications of the O Bar new normal for now. 

We managed to get a decent table for ourselves and our small group of 4 and were extra happy to see other groups of longtime O Bar friends there as well. The performances were great. The alcohol was quite potent - especially those dreaded tequila shots. And I managed to document most of the night with my phone through photos and videos. I'm also happy we generally made sure to take photos with most friends who were there as part of the effort to better capture the memories of the night.

We went home pretty late as is proper after a big event night like that. These recent nights have also resulted in a few other Taguig-based friends hitching a ride home with us, which makes for a quaint little ending to things. 

The rest of Sunday was a bit of a struggle given we were pretty hungover. We did manage to get our weekly grocery shopping done despite how crazy things were at SM Aura. Tobie and I were forced to use the smaller blue carts, so we decided to split up and cover more ground in order to get out as soon as possible. We have another 2021 finale online RPG session for a campaign, although it wasn't quite ideal given connection issues and other interruptions. 

And now Tobie and I have some quiet time together at the Sietch to look forward to with some pretty steady rains outside. We'll probably play another puzzle or two from our ongoing Exit: The Game advent calendar and other little things to map out for this week.