02A7F: Phone Considerations

Monday Kimchi Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 625

A new workweek with the end of the month just around the corner makes for an interesting time. The weather has definitely gotten cooler, especially at night, so you feel the trappings of our limited Christmas "season" in the air. Sure, it still gets hot in the day, and on weird nights the humidity gets uncomfortably bonkers. But on the whole, it's rather cooler weather. 

It has been another eventful Monday at work, which just continues the trend of recent weeks/months/2021. Work is just work but it's still work, and that can have a big impact on things. No matter how well you compartmentalize your life, things have a way of creeping into other aspects of your life when you least expect it. But it helps to keep a healthy amount of self-awareness to avoid things going too far.

In other news, I've been increasingly getting a notification on my phone that my Samsung S8's battery has deteriorated and that I should bring it to a service center. I was hoping to do that over the weekend, but it turns out that the Samsung store at SM Aura no longer has an official service center attached to it. Worse, my closest options are places like SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, or someplace in Makati City. Needless to say, I'm probably not going to get this fixed anytime soon. In the meantime, cable charging my phone has become next to impossible, thus I have been relying heavily on my wireless charging pad and/or wireless power banks.

So now I'm weighing getting a new phone, which is ironic since I had already taken a recontracting deal for cash a few months ago. So now I'll have to get a phone at the full retail price, apart from any deals I may get from the retailer itself. My phone habits have changed to some degree over the years, but I have developed a particular use case. Thus my focus is a phone that can take good photos and videos well while maintaining decent battery life. With O Bar re-opening, I'm going to go back to my old photo-heavy nights and I would appreciate having a phone that won't die in the middle of the night's activities.

Well, I should be getting my 13th month pay soon, so there's that. Or maybe I can hold on until the holiday sales (e.g. 12.12) to maximize my savings, although that may depend on how urgent my needs get. I'll know for sure once we get to go back to O Bar again.