01912: Thinking About Yoga

My work week is starting out pretty crazily - today may very well set the tone for the rest of the month - or even up until the end of this year! Such prospects do not excite me at all.

Given all this and the many other things on my plate, I've been thinking about getting into yoga or some other meditation-centric activity that could double as something physical to do to somewhat improve my general level of health.

I've never seriously gotten into full meditation before - life always seems to busy for that sort of thing. But given everything that's going on and that very sense of everything being busy, I suppose that's a pretty clear sign that I could benefit from a way to decompile my brain or something.

But I think I'd like to get some help developing a routine that I can practice at home and then sort of proceed from there. I'm sure there's a lot of places to find information online, but of course nothing beats personalized advice from a friend and that sort of a thing.

But hey, maybe I'm being somewhat unrealistic and the better alternative is to just sign up for a class or something. But man, time is just so precious when you work the graveyard shift. It's a hard life to keep up, but I continue to do my best. Would love to hear what you people thing.