01916: Weekend Maximization

Oh hello again, weekend. Fancy meeting you here.

It's been a rather crazy work week and next week promises to be similarly busy. I'm still keep my head above water, but there were a few odd moments here and there, most definitely. But still, we do our best and thus we find a path forward.

And while it would be nice to just sleep the day away or something silly like that, weekends are meant to be cherished and made the most off given the little time we're given. And Tobie and I have a pretty crazy schedule today that involves some overtime work for him and hopefully a happy little reunion later tonight, if the traffic gods are kind. I just hope that we manage things well enough to meet up at some point, make our dinner engagement and salvage the rest of today.

But of course from a local perspective the Christmas shopping season has practically begun. I only just escaped the growing crowds at Greenhills just to snag a comic book that I had reserved - I didn't even bother to wait for the arrival of the free comics for today's scheduled Halloween ComicFest event today. There were simply more important things to do.

But now I need to sleep. Dreaming is definitely optional.