01901: Fandom Expenses

Okay, even I have to admit that my Transformers collection kinda blows me away. Then again, this is just one part of the geekiness that dominates the Sietch including board games, PS3 games, books, comics, and all that good stuff. It's something that both Tobie and I are pretty proud of, although we know not everyone will understand.

Being a fan is expensive. But then again, just about any hobby can be expensive, too. Because of the capitalist society that we live in, just about anything that strikes our interest costs money. For some people it's the investment that various costumes represent even for that one moment during a convention. For others it's as simple as shoes or bags or whatever. Maybe it's books of a particular author or a retelling of a particular story. Maybe it's the money one invests in online gaming or even just more casual mobile gaming.

Life is all about balance. We work to make a living and earn enough money to satisfy our needs and perhaps a little extra to indulge in. And what we choose to do with that part of our income is of course our business. As long as one does not sacrifice basic needs or start accumulating debt just to satisfy our hobbies, that's the only time it's wrong. Beyond that, we have no place trying to question how other people spend their money.

Money is a silly little concept that we're still tied to because of capitalism and economics and the fact this isn't the the Star Trek Federation. One can't take it too seriously nor should one allow it to dominate the direction of our lives.