0190B: Domestic Musings

I was raised to believe in the value of chores - beyond teaching children essential skills around the house such as how to wash dishes or how to maintain a garden, it also teaches discipline and some seeds of true sense of responsibility. A child who does not have chores misses out on quite the education.

Admittedly it's easy to try and forget most chores at the end of a long work day. It's easy to think that you've already done your share and you could't possibly do more - at least not until you've had a good meal and perhaps a few more hours of sleep. But the one thing leads to another and things are left undone.

I have to admit that I haven't been 100% diligent when it comes to my own chores these days. Work has been quite draining in its own right and it's hard to even think of getting around to various tasks. So I'm trying to give myself the proverbial kick in the rear to get myself into action today before I fully settle into an overly relaxed state. Thus far I've washed the dishes, finally got around to shelving some comic book trades that have been sitting around for a while, and I've put away the clothes from the last batch of laundry. I'l try to at least vacuum the house before bed to add to my modest accomplishments.

The real task will be getting around to wiping down the shelves and the many, many Transformers that call those shelves home. Given the limited time that I have to work on such things, I suppose the best course of action is to aim to address a full shelf at a time. Then the work will feel more reasonable and easier to divvy up throughout the week. There's always going to be something that needs cleaning around here and it would be good to set up some sort of a schedule to get things in order.

With regard to other matters of domestic importance, I finally confirmed this week that I truly am a BPI Preferred customer and am entitled to a number of benefits given this status. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about skipping ahead in the queue, but I am rather curious about the discounts and better rates offered for loans, should we chose to avail of them. And given our on-going plans to find a permanent home, this sounds like a very good option indeed. Finally, more than a decade of investing in BPI is paying off!

Also, we've been pretty good at avoiding ordering delivery from McDonald's and Jollibee as of late to satisfy hunger while at the Sietch. Game nights are still game for fast food of course, but when it's just me and Tobie it seems like a waste of money and of course an unhealthy option. We're going on two months now and it's a nice feeling - also because it has resulted in a greater effort to prepare our own meals.

Oh the little things that make life just that much better.