01902: Gaming Magic

Our weekends are dominated by game nights and it's rather fun to now how these events have pretty much become our social calendar. We've progressed from trying to get people to come over to the Sietch to actually traveling around to other friend's homes as well in an effort to expand our gaming options. And while one cannot deny the convenience of gaming at home, there's something to be said about changing things up a bit and bringing the joy of gaming to other people.

And I think a lot of people totally underestimate what "modern" gaming is like, whether we're talking about board games, card games, or tabletop RPGs. We've come a very long way from games like Monopoly and have branched out into highly diverse and compelling games that offer a wide variety of play experiences. Just last night we tried to survive life as castaways in Robinson Crusoe and had a deadly showdown with nefarious warriors in Say Bye to the Villains. Those two games alone provided very different gaming flavors, which also acted as an interesting ice breaker for new folks meeting for the first time.

But then there's nothing quite like the uniqueness of the RPG experience given how Tobie manages shared narratives and does his best to empower players to co-author the developing story. A good Storyteller / Game Master does his best to create a narrative environment that gives every player a moment to shine and encourages to do more than just react to external stimuli. When players start making things complicated for their own characters in order to advance the story as a whole, things become a take on a different kind of magic entirely.

I'm forever grateful that Tobie introduced me to this wonderful gaming world when we got together. And I'm equally happy that we continue to share our passion for this hobby with our friends and their own friends in turn. More people need to game in this world. There's a lot for all of us to learn about our friends and perhaps our selves through the wonders of gaming.