0191B: Brain Blah

It's hard to think of chores when you feel tired all over. Things have been rather crazy on the work front as of late and that's never good for domestic duties. And while I do feel like I've found renewed focus in terms of my work, motivation doesn't necessarily translate into extra energy for said work. And that can rather suck.

I'm taking tomorrow off as a sort of in lieu holiday given we've skipped over the past 6 local holidays as of late. Given the November 1-2 holidays are one of the few major holidays that I try to ensure happen as normal, the fact that they landed on a weekend was not something I was prepared to let slide. But I have a good boss and so the team is getting the night off, and that's just as well. Otherwise, I feel like half the staff would have filed leave anyway.

Brought Yoshi to the vet today for his scheduled deworming session. He wasn't too happy about going to the vet and he certainly made his feelings known during the session. But thankfully it was a pretty quick visit so we actually spent more time in transit to and from the vet compared to actually being there. Such a fussy dog, this Yoshi!

My brain doesn't quite know what to do, so I guess I'll just leave things here as they are.